Fresh Herbs

At Liliwen Herbs we grow with the seasons, so even with the aid of polytunnels our fresh herbs and salads are mainly available in the ‘high season’: from late spring, throughout summer and usually until the first frosts. One or two varieties we grow are hardy enough to live through the winter, but the lushest and most plentiful growth of all our leaves is to be had when the sun shines and the days are longest!

Salad days

Our biggest-seller in fresh leaves is not a single herb, but the Gourmet Salad Leaves. Each bag of salad is hand-picked and carefully selected to give you a balance of flavours, colours and textures, all with a freshness we are confident you’ll find hard to beat unless you grow your own! The exact mixture varies with the seasons, but we always try to include some edible flowers which add flavour as well as making your plate pretty. There’s usually a herb or two in there too!

So, watch this space, especially during the months of spring and early summer and we will keep you up to date with what’s growing. If you want regular updates of what’s coming into season, and some recipes ideas, plus other news and offers from LH, do sign up for out email newsletter. We usually send one out once a month or so in the growing season.

Fresh herbs