It’s in the bag!

Now then. Bagged salad? Food waste? Yes, it’s got me out of my semi-retirement as a blogger that one.

So, first off, if you don’t want to throw away bagged salad, buy it fresh and local, without gases in the bag (preferably from a nice, chemical-free grower like Liliwen Herbs). Keep it in the fridge and don’t wash it until you’re ready to eat it. Air and water help to biodegrade the leaves – the commercial gas process is supposed to get rid of the bacteria that cause biodegrading, but all washing and processing will actually accelerate the process. And then there’s the question of what chemicals those gases are made from isn’t there?

Gourmet Salad in the bag

Gourmet Salad in the bag

At Liliwen Herbs we handle and process the leaves as little as possible (picking out the odd snail and the leaves where’s he’s been munching). Then we press as much air as possible out of the bags to reduce the aforementioned biodegrading. Our salad bags may present as less plump and fulsome-looking than their puffed-up supermarket ‘rivals’, but I’ll take a bet our leaves will keep for longer. Appearances can be deceptive! And of course the salad is picked fresh the day before it is delivered to our local outlets. Beat that!

But, what about the bigger point here? Why is so much food being wasted in the first place? Why are farmers and growers being squeezed for ever-lower prices to allow big supermarkets to do BOGOFs and sell cheap food lines at below the cost of production? This encourages waste and also devalues the product generally. If you ‘get one free’ aren’t you more willing to throw it away without a second glance anyway? Why not pay the real price of production that allows the grower to make a living and produce something of quality and goodness which is given its proper value at every stage of the process?

Gourmet Salad in a Nick Membery bowl

Gourmet salad fresh out of the bag!

What I am trying to do at Liliwen Herbs is exactly that – make an honest living out of producing an honest quality product. All I ask is the appreciation you give it when you pay the real price of me doing that. Too political? I’m always happy to receive your comments. Meanwhile I’m off to enjoy my lunch…

p.s. ever seen those lovely flowers in your bog-standard bogof bag?