Herbs and why I love them

Hello and welcome to my first blog! Helo a chroeso i fy mlog cyntaf!

My name is Lucie and I’m an obsessive. I love growing herbs (and other produce) and trying out things to do with them. Food, recipes, tea-drinking  blends, skincare, and lots of other ways to enhance our health and wellbeing with all nature’s bounty. And of course, I only grow organically. To me, herbs (and indeed all plants) are health and life, and I cannot see why anyone would grow them, with all they have to offer, and then spray them with chemicals made to kill things. Nor do I bung on a load of chemical fertilisers: I try and look after the whole health of my patch – the soil, the water, the air and the biodiversity – to foster a healthy, productive growing environment

Like many other obsessives once I get going on the topic of my passion, it’s hard to shut me up. So a blog is the obvious outlet . Here’s hoping a few fellow souls will share some of my interests – please do give me some feedback!

Why herbs?

Well, I’m a farmer’s daughter, so the idea of growing something useful and productive runs deep in my soul. Look up the definition of a herb and you’ll find it’s less of a botanical category, more a human one – basically a herb is a ‘useful’ plant. The Latin term ‘officinalis’, which you’ll find as the second half (species name) of many a herb plant genus, just means ‘belonging to an officina’, which is the Latin word for a workshop or storeroom where medicines were made and kept.  Now the first example that pops into my head just happens to be my favourite herb  – Calendula officinalis  – a.k.a Pot Marigold or English Marigold. This beautiful vivid orange flower has so many uses I could write a book about it (uh-oh…). Here’s just a few things that I do with it: put it in salads (yes, eat the whole thing!), make it into tea (my mother-in-law swears by it), use it on your skin in the form of a balm or cream (my first ever skincare product) – it’s good for everything from babies bottoms to chapped lips or soil-rough hands, via scratches, stings and bites!

Calendula from last summer(2012) to cheer us up!Here’s a lovely picture of  my Calendula from last summer to cheer us up! Promise I won’t do this every time – I’ll be sticking to pics of stuff currently in season mostly.

See what I mean about shutting me up? Now, where was I? Well, sort of answering my own question: Because I love herbs! Food/medicine –there’s no real distinction with herbs – my personal definition is they’re just plants that are really good for you!

I have to wrap up now, figuratively and literally, and go out and pick some of those lovely green leaves for tomorrow’s deliveries. Mainly salads, with a couple of hardy herbs on the go like Parsley and Chervil. New season stuff is not far away – I noticed a little Coriander had germinated the other day…Come on Spring!

Hwyl am y tro. Bye for now